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  April 8th, 2003

I am no longer able to add new features to this plugin any longer. There is a jons-gtk2-gui plugin available that someone else is working on. Currently, it is only in the licq CVS. To download this plugin, go to here for the instructions. You will need to use a CVS version of Licq and the module name is jons-gtk2-gui for the new GTK+2 plugin. I (with the help of patch submitters) will continue to ensure that jons-gtk-gui will still compile and run as it has in the past. It's available for download from Licq CVS as the module jons-gtk-gui. Thanks.

  January 9th, 2001

I'm not dead! In fact I updated some code.. history window is a little better I plan to add more to it, and auto logon works. Plus a few misc. bug fixes I'm feeling motivated... so look for more updates and hopefully a redesign of this pathetic page!

  August 29, 2000

Just thought I'd do an update since it's been over a month. I'm back at school, but in my own apartment. I can't quite afford an ISP, so I'm trying out some free ones... only works in windows however.. I do have a working copy of VMWare.. so progess will continue, but shall be a little slower. I'm hoping for a releast in mid-September.

  July 11, 2000

I fixed a lot of problems with the plugin and added in the secure channel requests. I'm getting tired of how this webpage looks.. I really don't have time to spice it up though, so if anyone is willing to help me out.. just send me an e-mail, thanks.

  June 1, 2000

Ok, file transfers are done, shouldn't be any problems with those, if you find one, just let me know.

  May 24, 2000

Well, it's been awhile since I've updated this page, so I'll just let you know what's going on. File sending and receiving will be added in soon. File receiving works fine on my local copy, i just need to spice up the GUI before I update it, and add in file sending. I've taken over the console plugin as well, so I'm working on that first. Check back in a week, I should have file transfers fully working then.

  April 12, 2000

The screenshots can be viewed here. Also, I updated the CVS tree with some more items, so check it out!

  April 1, 2000

I added some instructions to install the plugin, and the requirements, plus a couple of new features! I really need to do more stuff on this page, but I prefer coding the plugin than making a page about it...

  March 25, 2000

Updated the webpage a little bit, I'll add in some screenshots of my plugin. Also need to add some links to the sourceforge group page and other licq stuff.

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